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CAB Press Release on the Asia Pacific Meeting of the World Blind Union:
Friday, May 26, 2023.


The National President and Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia Christian
Association of the Blind (CAB) has travelled to the Asia Pacific to participate in a
Global Leadership Meeting of the WORLD BLIND UNION. The meeting in
Wellington, is being hosted by the Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand.
As the Western AFRICA Regional Representative of the BLIND, Mr. Beyan G. Kota
was nominated by members of the governing board of the AFRICAN UNION of the
BLIND to join a representative group from Africa to attend the Asia Pacific
meeting. The Africa delegation to New Zealand is headed by President Ishmael
Zhou from Zimbabwe who currently serves as President of the African UNION of


This assembly of global leaders of the blind is expected to highlight specific
universal challenges of the visually impaired which among others concern
problems of accessibility and universal design. While exploring possibilities to
respond to the global emergency situation of visually impaired, it shall endeavor
to tackle specific problems that hinders their rights to education, technological
development and participation in community life. The conference will discuss and
adopt measures that seek to strengthen the global blindness agenda in reference
to advocating accessibility in urban development, the income and financial
expenditure of the WBU as well as deliberating the progress of the strategic plan
of the World Blind Union and review the Report on resolutions from the 2021
General Assembly.

Signed: Anthony N Dangan
National Vice President
Liberia Christian Association of the Blind (CAB)

Photo: Mr. Kota along side other delegates