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March 2, 2016


I write to express my compliments and sincere best wishes.

I am so glad to appreciate you for sending the second funding to keep me continues with the project. I received the second project funding (500USD) with joy and as the means of more empowerment. This project is impacting my life so much. I must commend you for your great way of thinking about visually impaired women in Liberia. The project has kept me busy throughout with some challenges, but it is good that we visually impaired people too should go through some of those challenges. The project is building my capacity every day. My financial and inventory management skills continue to improve with the implementation of each project.

This report is composed of Material cost, Production cost, and the cost of transaction. My business has been changed, and therefore I want to introduce the production of charcoal as my inventory in this second phase of my project. The reason being that the mean of finding my production materials for soap-making was very difficult during the Ebola period in Liberia. Imagine, during the Ebola period, there was no free movement in the country. Mainstream movement of citizens was difficult and critical to the extent that the entire country was in a complete dungeon thereby seizing our movement. As a result of the Ebola crisis, I was unable to get my production materials outside the city. Upon receiving the funding (500USD), I thought it wise to craft a new product (charcoal) which is another fast growing business. It contains good profit, and specifically produced by people who live on the farm. Profit accumulated from this new product (charcoal) is eighteen thousand Liberian dollars (18,500LRD), which is equivalent to two hundred and twenty-three United States dollars (223USD).




Grace Johnson standing in front of the charcoal warehouse

The processing of Materials, Production, and transport costs  :

As I told you in the preface above, the second phase of my project is been transformed from soap-making to charcoal, because of the deadly Ebola crisis during 2014. This charcoal business has to be produced, transported, and tracked in the ware-house for sale as compare to the soap-making.

The production of the charcoal begins in December of 2014, the first week to the second week in January. The process of making the charcoal begins with the felling of the tree, cutting the log into pieces with power-saw, parking the pieces in a cone-shape mound (oven), and covering it with dirt for burning. After this, you have to apply gasoline at the opening top for firing which will begin the burning process. The cost of the log was 4,000LRD (48.19USD); and the cost of the gasoline used for burning the charcoal was 3,500LRD (42.16USD). In so doing, I hired six (6) men to carry on the production process, because it is extremely a hard work that involves many people.  This process has the total workmanship of 7,800LRD (93.97USD). The burning of the charcoal and the bagging process was done by the same people who did the cutting of the log, and it cost 3,400.00LRD (40.96USD). The cost of the 200 empty bags was 6,000 (72.28USD). The production process lasted for one month, two weeks. After the production of the charcoal, the next process was the parking and bagging which was done by the same people who did the production. After the bagging process, the transporting of the goods to the market cost 16,600LRD which is equivalent to 197USD. Forestry Development Authority (FDA) fee for carrying the goods on the market cost 200LRD (2.41). Therefore, the total production and transporting cost for the goods amount to 41,500LRD (500USD).

Cost of transaction:

In carrying on the transaction, the total bags of charcoal produced were 200 bags on the market.  The cost of one bag of the charcoal was sold at 300LRD (3.60USD). 200 bags of charcoal sold at 300LRD yield 60,000LRD (722.89USD). Now, everything entails to have the production of the charcoal is the total funding sent (500USD); with the equivalent in Liberian dollar at 41,500LRD. However, you will see in the budget the cost of burning the charcoal, the bagging, and transporting the product to the warehouse. In the sale process, there were four blind ladies who assisted me. Those four visually impaired ladies who assisted me in the sale were compensated with 25USD each at the equivalent of (2,025LRD). The warehouse was rented for 950LRD (11.50USD) per month, and for two months summing the cost of rent to 1,900LRD with the equivalent of 23USD. The total profit generated from the charcoal sale was 18,500LRD; with the equivalent of 223USD. After everything has been sold, I was able to use for myself 40USD (3,320LRD) for transportation to where I am doing a teaching job as a voluntary service to the National Resource Center for the Blind. The balance amount saved is 60USD (4,980LRD).

Please remember that the sale of the charcoal is done within three months and two weeks. In one year, there will be three sales in all. I have a successfully three sales from December of 2014 to December of 2015. The first four months yielded a profit 18,500LRD (223USD). The next four months I yielded a profit of 17,500LRD (210.84USD), and the final four months yielded a profit of 16,500 (198.79USD). The aggregate profit accumulated for one year, from December of 2014 - 2015 amount to 52,500LRD (632.53USD).


It was difficult or challenging to find people and or committed people for the production process of the charcoal as a visually impaired person. It takes some considerable time to get those six men who did the production of the charcoal. Finding bags remains another challenge. Even after the bagging, some of them tore out and have the charcoal wasting thereby reducing the amount of bags to be sold on the market. Once the number of bags to be sold reduced, it definitely means that your sale yielding to profit will drop.


The project benefited all of us who work hard in making the project a reality. The project targets visually impaired women as primary beneficiaries, and indeed four visually impaired women benefited as they assisted me in the sale of doing the charcoal business. The secondary beneficiaries are those who did the production and people who transported the goods to the warehouse and or the market. For the fact that the project impacted some of the target beneficiaries and others who produced the goods to the market, there is progress in implementing all my projects. I am feeling the impact as well as my fellow colleagues (visually women) and others in alleviating some of the hardship we are facing in Liberia.


I would like to recommend to you the increment of my project funding in the third phase I am expecting. I want to increase my sale for more productivity and profitability. Therefore, I beseech your good offices to continue your good works in thinking more about empowering visually impaired women of Liberia. I am sincerely requesting you to increase my funding in the third phase of the project from five hundred United States Dollars (500USD) to one thousand United States Dollars (1,00USD) so as to enhance the production of the charcoal, and adding my first business (soap-making). With the two commodities, I will be increasing my sale persons from four (4) to eight (8) persons. And there will be four (4) sale assistance for the charcoal, and four (4) sale persons for the soap-making. I believe this will give me huge productivity with some amount of good profitability, thereby empowering and increasing more beneficiaries as sale assistance.

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Prepared By Grace Lorpu Johnson