Firestone, Liberia paves Road Leading To Resource Center

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CAB's Road leading to Resource Center Paved

 CAB commends Firestone Liberia

The Christian Association of the Blind (CAB) is commending the Management of Firestone Liberia for extending its Community Outreach Program to the institution.

Speaking during the turn- over ceremony on Friday, February 12 of the rehabilitated road leading from the Robertsfield High-way to the Resource Center of CAB, the National President of the Christian Association of the Blind, Beyan Kota, lauded the efforts of Firestone Liberia in lending a helping hand to the visually impaired brothers and sisters of Liberia.

Mr. Kota recalled that prior to the rehabilitation of the road by the Management of Firestone Liberia; it was extremely difficult for blind students to leave the center to go on the Robertsfield High-way due to the sandy terrain.

But he noted that with the completion of the rehabilitation works and landscaping of the campus and its surroundings, the blind themselves can wisely use their white cane with no much constraint to get on the main high-way. "Blind adults, youths and children have suffered from inaccessibility, many times they will travel all the way here but the car will be prevented from traveling to the center on the account of inaccessibility" Mr. Kota asserted.

He gave an account when a vehicle conveying supplies to the Center stuck in the sand owing to the bad road condition at the time, and created unnecessary financial burden for the institution.

"I remembered one time when we have brought in a 15-KVA generator, the truck stuck in the sand. We have to get the crane, the crane also got stuck, and that was too much problems and expenses for us" Mr. Kota said.

He then appealed to the Management of Firestone Liberia for food assistance on a monthly basis in a bid to help feed the growing student population of the center. Shortly before the turning over ceremony, students of the center were seen playing sports and other games which were not possible in the past because of the sandy nature of the area.

Earlier, the Public Affairs Manager of Firestone Liberia,  G. Rufus Karmorh, said the Management of Firestone Liberia was delighted to complete the rehabilitation of the road leading to the resource center of the Christian Association of the Blind.  He added that "these are our fellow compatriots who are here that need to be cater to."

Mr. Karmorh used the occasion to call on other corporate entities to see the need to render assistance to CAB. "Firestone is just starting the process, and we hope that other corporate institutions will assist this institution" he said.

Firestone Liberia's Community Outreach Program renders assistance in the form of school materials distributions to various public and private schools around the country, construction of community hand-pumps, the rehabilitation of bridges, roads and other facilities.

Well paved road in picture below

Infront of the School Building